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::”Mineirinha n’Alemanha” indicado para Top 100 Blogs::


O “Mineirinha n’Alemanha” foi indicado para o prêmio Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010 (IX 10) do Lexiophiles, blog do portal de línguas – uai, aqui vamos nós! A votação vai acontecer entre 01-14/02/10. Conto com o apoio de todos vocês!

Abaixo o convite que acabo de ler com muita alegria:

Dear Sandra Santos,
Last year and our blog Lexiophiles launched the Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2009. It was rewarding and we really enjoyed bringing the exchange blogger community together, and here we go again:
It’s time for The Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010, also known as IX10.
We are looking for the top 100 blogs about life abroad and your blog has been nominated. The nomination period goes from January 22nd to January 31st. Feel free to spread the word among bloggers writing about life in a foreign country.
The voting starts on February 1st and goes till February 14st 2010. At the end of the two-week voting period, the blogs with the most votes will win.
If you want to read more about IX10 visit Lexiophiles.
Send me an email in case you don’t want to be included in this list or if you have any further questions about the competition.
Kind regards,
On behalf of the and Lexiophiles team

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